Upload and Maintain Contracts

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Upload and Maintain Contracts

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Uploading Local Contracts

This Observatory User Guide will take you through the steps needed to upload your organisation’s Contract data. The Data Requirements Document and template document can be used to ensure that the data that you upload contains the required information to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Maintain Contracts

This Observatory User Guide will take you through the necessary steps to ensure that your Contract tool is kept up-to-date to ensure that your spend with contracted and non-contracted suppliers is accurate.

Observatory Training Video – Contract Maintenance

This four part series takes you through the key features of Contract Maintenance. Part One covers some of the basics of the tool. Part Two demonstrates how it is possible to update the fundamental details about the contracts you have uploaded. Part Three looks at how its possible to link a supplier record to a previously imported contract. Part Four demonstrates how to set the usage for a contract, pinpointing the actual number of months used in the entire life of the contract.

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