Changing Buyer Behavior

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Changing Buyer Behavior

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If procurement projects are to deliver maximum value and reduce risk, it is important that key stakeholders are able to provide input at the specification stage. Once contracts or guidelines are in place, they also need to ensure that buying activity across the organization is efficient and compliant.

In order to manage buying behavior in their specific area, heads of departments need access to spend management information that is easy to digest, allowing them to drill into the detail of what was spent, with whom, on what and which budget area it was allocated to.

VIDEO: How can you improve buying behavior in your organization?

In this What You Can Do In 15 Minutes video we’ll show you how to produce the analysis which will provide the information that points to potential areas of focus and facilitates discussion with key stakeholders.

Observatory Training Video – Managing Maverick Spend

This three part video series looks at how the Contract application can be used to manage maverick spend.

Part One looks at how you can identify suppliers where the value of non-contracted spend is non-compliant either by legal or internal procurement standards.

Part Two shows how you can answer the question, is spend with one time vendors a problem within your organization?

Part Three answers the question whether there are categories of spend where there may be too many suppliers.

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