Category Management

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Category Management

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Building a Custom Category Filter

This How Do I Guide will take you through the steps required to build a custom category filter when the standard classifications are either too granular or too broad.

Identifying Categories with too many Suppliers

This How Do I Guide will take you through the steps of identifying categories within your spend data that have too many suppliers and investigate possible supplier consolidation.

VIDEO: What actionable information could you provide internal stakeholders?

Those in public sector organisations who have responsibility to manage efficient spending, such as category managers or Heads of Service, need access to spend management information that is easy to digest, allowing them to get on with the job of identifying areas of focus.

It is important that decisions made are underpinned by spend management information that provides context as to the potential impact on those decisions, both in the opportunity to generate savings or other benefits and to identify risks.

If the procurement decisions are to be supported across the organisation, it is necessary to identify and engage with key stakeholders in the early stages of procurement projects, but also to be able to track areas of the organisation that are not complying with procurement decision.

In this video we’ll show you how to produce a category analysis which will provide the information that points to potential areas of focus and facilitates discussion with key stakeholders.

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