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Data and Systems Requirements

Download the Data Requirement Document (DRD) and sample data template for Annual or Full Periodic analysis for your locality. Also view the browser system requirements for our Observatory and spotlightonspend applications.

Sustainable Procurement

These materials will assist with any efforts within your organisation to increase your spend with local businesses and SMEs.

Changing Buying Behaviour

Learn how to produce analysis which will provide potential areas of focus and facilities discussion with key stakeholders.

Category management

If you have already implemented a category management system or are looking to, this information will demonstrate how the Observatory can help.

Identifying Collaborative Opportunities

When looking to increase internal and external collaboration, the Observatory is a key piece of management information that can help with this.

Upload and Maintain Contracts

Download documents and watch videos which will show you how to prepare your contract data, upload it and maintain it in the Observatory.

vCode – A Supplier Taxonomy

We created the 3 level vCode taxonomy to describe the primary business activities of suppliers. Its development was based on over 8 years of classifying suppliers, input from procurement category specialists and a review of all other available taxonomies. As we own and manage vCode, it will continue to evolve over time as the spending habits of our customer’s change and new requirements are established.

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