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New Suppliers vs. Returning Suppliers

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Did you know that you can easily find out who are the new suppliers in your organisation’s data?  Not only that, but the repeat suppliers too.

Provided your organisation has at least two years of analysis published to the Observatory, the number of new suppliers, returning suppliers and suppliers not used in the most recent year compared to the last can be easily obtained.

The report is called Vendor Churn and can be found in the Methodology folder, in Analyse.

Vendor Churn report

New vs Returning Suppliers

New Suppliers – what next?

Now you’ve got the number of new suppliers (vendors), you can use the report to find out some really useful information about them.

Here are some examples, there’s lots more in the Observatory so take a look for yourself!

V Churn - Total spend and transactions

Total spend and transactions with new suppliers compared to returning suppliers

V Churn - Top suppliers by value

The top 10 new suppliers by value

V Churn - Top categories of spend

The top 10 categories of spend by number of new suppliers

V Churn - Spend by Size

The percentage of spend with new suppliers by supplier size

V Churn - Spend by geography

The number of new suppliers that are local




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