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Product Release Information

On this page you can find detailed information about the changes made during the latest Product Release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: During the product release window the database will be in read-only mode. Any attempt to input Contract Data during this time will result in an error. Please try again after the release window has closed.

Product Release August 2021

1. New ‘Time Analysis’ report – A new report has been created showing high-level procurement analysis over time. This is located in Analyse > Time. This new report category also includes the ‘Monthly Spend’ and ‘Quarterly Spend’ reports, moving from Contract.

2. Re-organisation of reports – There are a number of changes including:

3. Thomson Retirement – All aspects of Thomson are being removed from the Observatory, including the Thomson based reports, the Thomson fields in all reports, and any user filters that include Thomson. Support materials for vCode are provided at vCode.

4. Risk Retirement – Risk Analysis reports are being retired from Analyse, Collaborate and Compare.

5. Periodic Updates – If you take the option of periodic updates, this data will now be available in the Analyse application in addition to the Contract application.

Please refer to the documents below for more detailed information.

Product Release August 2021

Where's My Report?

Product Release August 2021 - Where's My Report

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