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Grow Local - Helping local businesses to gain more share of the public purse

Grow Local provides the management information to assess the potential for your organisation to increase economic activity within a local area or region. The reports inform your initiatives to develop supply chain activity and encourage local companies to bid for an increased share of public sector spend on goods and services.

The analysis of existing suppliers by active spend category is linked to a directory of available suppliers, obtained from third party data sources, and presented in a suite of pre-built reports.

The reports provide easy visibility of the potential opportunity to transfer a greater share of public sector spend into the local economy - and to identify where there is currently a gap in available local suppliers.

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Identify categories where more could be spent with local suppliers and access a database of the suppliers in your local area.

Grow Local User Guide

Grow Local Live Events

In May 2021 we ran a series of Live Events for those new to the Grow Local application. The recordings of these events are linked below for your future reference. NB the events are broadly the same, so you only need to review one. A summary of the questions asked during these sessions is also included, along with answers.

Grow Local Q&A May 2021 Grow Local Webinar 25 May 2021 Grow Local Webinar 20 May 2021 Grow Local Webinar 12 May 2021 Grow Local Demo 6 May 2021

Correction In the above training it was stated that the Directory tab contains a list of suppliers, from the local area, that hadn't been previously used. This was incorrect. The Directory tab has no link to previous spend data and will show all suppliers, from the local area, regardless of whether they have been used previously or not.

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