What does it mean when the Observatory is on the Mirror?

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When the Observatory is being updated or the Product Team are undertaking routine maintenance you will be diverted to the Mirror, a visual copy of the Observatory which allows users’ access to the Observatory reports, analytical functionality and information whilst the Live Observatory is down.

Because the Mirror is just a visual copy it means that data cannot be uploaded to or saved on it, so whilst on the Mirror there are some things that you will not be able to do:


  • Upload contracts
  • Upload Summary Periodic Spend data (a product used by Scottish accounts)
  • Upload BPI Profiles (a product used by Scottish accounts)
  • Edit contracts, Summary Periodic Spend and BPI Profiles
  • Upload Measure References
  • Upload Measure Projects or Efficiencies
  • Edit Measure References, Projects and Efficiencies
  • Filters or datasets built whilst on the Mirror site cannot be copied back to the Live site.

    In addition some other processes such as overnight refreshes and password resets which may also be affected whilst on the Mirror.


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