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Applications: spotlightonspend


spotlightonspend is a managed service that enables public bodies to publish spend data that has been substantially transformed and improved, to deliver spend transparency that is truly citizen friendly:

  • We CLEANSE, REDACT, CATEGORIZE & ENRICH your raw financial data before you make your spend and related information accessible.
  • We manage publication of your data to an intuitive and easy to use web application that is hosted by us but accessed by the general public through your own organization’s web site.
  • We keep the data updated and provide the capability for your data to be downloaded in a compliant, machine readable format.

Please note, you will be prompted to enter your Observatory login details to access these resources.

Overriding Supplier Classifications (US Only)

This guide focuses on how to override supplier classifications to appear in spotlightonspend and my vCode reports within the Observatory.

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