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Applications: Monitor (UK Only)

monitor_darkMONITOR – Measure what matters

MONITOR provides you with the ability to update the Observatory with your spend data over time, to upload your organisation’s performance profile, and to conduct user and supplier surveys. MONITOR allows you to address the following questions:

  • Is the Procurement model used by the organisation cost effective and appropriate?
  • Does the Procurement effectively support the delivery of the organisation’s strategic objectives?
  • Are Procurement processes operated in an efficient, timely and effective manner?
  • Does Procurement understand the requirements of the demand and business requirements for goods and services?
  • Does Procurement have a good understanding of markets and effectively manage suppliers?
  • Is Procurement effectively supporting the organisation in achieving cost reduction?
  • Is corporate social responsibility a serious consideration in the procurement of goods and services including sustainability and ethical procurement?
  • Are internal customers / end users satisfied with the services provided by Procurement?

Please note, you will be prompted to enter your Observatory login details to access these resources.

Uploading BPI Profiles

This guide focuses on the BPI Profile, which enables you to enter data about your entity and the procurement function and track your progress against best practice and key performance indicators.

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