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Applications: Compare

compare_darkCOMPARE – Creating context through comparison

The COMPARE functionality facilitates the rapid production of comparative statistics and key indicators that help in understanding of position relative to others in the public sector. COMPARE generates the answers to key questions that enable you to create a proper context for your procurement strategy and transformational goals including:

  • Are you more or less administratively efficient than average when compared to organisations of a similar size in your sector and/or region?
  • In which categories are you spending more or less than might be expected given the averages for your sector and/or region?
  • What proportion of your overall non-pay spend is a realistic goal for spend locally, with the Third Sector, with SMEs or with newly created businesses?
  • Is the proportion of suppliers overly dependent upon you a real issue or would you better directing effort at procurement related issues elsewhere?

Please note, you will be prompted to enter your Observatory login details to access these resources.

This video will demonstrate which reports in the Compare application can provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions

How does your organisation’s spend across main categories compare to others with a similar profile?

Spending decisions at an organisation level are largely based on what is important to the community which it serves, whether that is the citizens that reside within a local authority area or the student population at a university.

An organisation’s senior management team may want to publish evidence that it is investing more than others that have a similar profile in specific areas, or want to see whether the organisation is spending more, using more suppliers or any other indicator that there may be some efficiencies that could be implemented in a specific spend category.

With access to the largest aggregated database of public sector spend in the UK as part of your Observatory subscription, we’ll show you how you can use the Compare functionality in the Observatory to create reports that will provide them with the information they need, quickly and easily.

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