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Applications: Collaborate

colaborate_darkCollaborate – Creatively exploiting spend in common

The COLLABORATE functionality fundamentally alters the dynamics of effective collaboration by making it easy to analyse the spend of multiple public sector bodies and identify common suppliers. At a stroke any information advantage held by the supplier is eliminated and a more constructive dialogue relating to real savings is possible.

Once your spend data has been enhanced and aggregated then the answers to questions that might uncover opportunities for collaboration are at your fingertips, including:

  • What proportion of your spend overall is with suppliers common to at least one other public sector body?
  • Which suppliers are generating the highest aggregate sales from the group you’ve chosen to analyse?
  • In which category of good or service is the highest incidence of commonality?
  • Which suppliers are currently supplying every member of the selected group?

Please note, you will be prompted to enter your Observatory login details to access these resources.

This video will demonstrate which Observatory reports can provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions using the Collaborate application.

Identifying Collaborative Opportunities

This user guide will take you through the steps of collaborative opportunities with other organisations.

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