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Applications: Analyze

analyse_darkANALYZE – Generating a comprehensive spend profile

Quickly and easily generate a more comprehensive profile of your spend on goods & services, than is possible from your internal systems.

The Observatory’s ANALYZE functionality has been designed to enable you to interrogate your enhanced spend data and deliver the answers you are likely to need to inform procurement strategy and to identify opportunities to deliver significant efficiencies, including:

  • In which categories do you have too many suppliers that might be candidates for rationalization?
  • In which categories do you have too few suppliers that might be candidates for extension?
  • Which suppliers are sending you too many small invoices and might be candidates for invoice consolidation?
  • How much do you spend locally, with suppliers who are SMEs and newly created suppliers?
  • Which suppliers are overly dependent on you for the bulk of their income?

Please note, you will be prompted to enter your Observatory login details to access these resources.

Observatory Training Video – Useful Reference Information

This introductory video will explain some of the Observatory terminology that is used. It will also show where to find useful reference information regarding your data.

Observatory Training Video – Analyze

This video will demonstrate which reports in the Analyze application can provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Observatory Training Video – Drill to Line Level Detail

This User Guide describes how to access the spend data from the line of the transaction and demonstrates how to find department data and subjective codes.

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