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Below you’ll find the complete list of Spikes Cavell applications. Select an application for a full list of support materials.

Observatory General

SupportingDocumentsObservatory Supporting Documents – General resource documents such as Data Requirement Documents and System Requirements.

DatasetBuilderFilter Builder – Build Filters to narrow down charts, graphs and table to only include the subset of data that you want to view.

DatasetBuilderDataset Builder – Build Datasets to make comparisons and look for new collaborative opportunities with other Observatory customers.

Spend Analysis

Analyze – Quickly and easily generate a more comprehensive analysis of your spend on goods and services than is possible from your internal systems alone.

Collaborate – Identify which suppliers and spend you have in common with other public sector bodies.

Compare – Generate statistics and key indicators that compare your spend profile with that of other public bodies.


Contract – Identify, track and manage maverick spend across the 500+ categories in which the public sector typically buy goods and services.


Monitor – Evidence the effectiveness of the procurement function and its progress relative to a standardised set of metrics relative to your peers.

Monitor is only available in the UK

Grow Local

Grow LocalGrow Local – Identify categories where your organisation could spend more in the local area. Included in this application is a directory containing contact information for the suppliers in your local area.

Grow Local is currently only available in the UK.


spotlightonspend – Enhance the information you publish to improve its accessibility, relevance and value for the intended audience – the general public.

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